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Perfect for the dapper pooch, feline, or any creature that wears a collar, our Bow Ties are the ideal look for ANY occasion. Whether your fur friend is the Ring Bearer on your wedding day, going for a walk around the neighborhood, or even if they're just in need of a confidence boost, make your pet THAT much cuter.


Bow Ties are easily slid onto the collar and held on with a pair of elastics attached to the back. If you are interested in further instruction on how to attach them to your pet's collar, please visit our home page and have a look at our how-to video!


Bow Ties

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  • If you're going to have a good time, sometimes you've got to get a little down and dirty. Pet owners know this all too well-but not to fear! This product is fine being machine washed and dried. A quick wash will have your products looking like new! I also recommend ironing afterwards for the best results.