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Model of the Month

Each month, Kritter Couture's social media fans will vote on Kritter Couture’s Model of the Month! The winner will receive a FREE personalized Kritter Couture accessory of their choice, and 20% off all purchases for that month. The winner will also get a 10% friends and family discount to share with their friends and family during that month! And the COOLEST part… For that month, Kritter Couture’s van will sport a magnet with the winner’s photo on it! And after the month is up, the winner gets to keep the magnet!


At the end of the year, each Model of the Month will be featured in a Model of the Month calendar! All proceeds from the calendars will benefit animal rescue or welfare organizations determined by the winners!


HOW IT WORKS: Each month we’ll post entries on our social media pages, and you can vote for your favorite model by liking that photo! The photo with the most likes will be crowned that month’s Model of the Month! 


TO ENTER YOUR PET: Submit a photo of your pet wearing Kritter Couture by messaging me on Facebook or Instagram; be sure to include the photo, your name and your pet’s name, your phone number, email address and address (so we can get your goodies to you)!


Each pet can only be Model of the Month once, but if you have more than one pet, each one gets a chance to win! Please note that I reserve the right to refuse any submissions that contain inappropriate content (i.e., foul language).


Make sure to follow Kritter Couture's social media accounts so you can vote for each month's model!

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