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Word on the Street


"Once again I ordered a bowtie and bandana for my fur babies and once again I am beyond happy with my purchases! I may be biased but I think my babies are adorable and with their Kritter Couture on, I almost can't stand the cuteness!! Thank you so much!!"

Shelley Lowe


"Squeeks, our shop cat at Greenspirit Hydrogardens Wilmington, is loving her custom collar with bow and so are we! We didn't think she could get any cuter!"

Dani Metz Woison


"Ellie loves her new collars from Kritter Couture & More in Wilmington! I was amazed at the adorable selections of fabrics and super friendly customer service. Thank you Jennifer!"

Heather LaFleur

woman 4

"Mr. Scotty is rocking his Kritter Couture bow tie!"

Jackie Hassan

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