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Professionally made accessories and products made specifically for YOUR fur baby! With 14 years of experience in pet sitting and care, we know your pet's needs and continually work to provide them with the best!

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Proud to support the big paw project

The Big Paw Project is a 910-based project pairing local businesses and N.C. animal rescues to fulfill their wishlist needs through pop-up supply & awareness drives.



"OMG loving the new bowtie and bandana I got for my babies tonight. Beyond adorable! Thank you!!"

Shelley Lowe


"Raven got her new collar today from Kritter Couture & More. They even deliver it to your door! Thanks so much Jennifer"

Mista Wicka


"Harper knows you're staring at her beautiful new Summer Couture!!! Thank you Jen. We love it!!!"

Sue Boyce

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